You can have both a child friendly garden and adult friendly garden at the same time expertly designed and built by Landscape Zoolotions

When children come into our lives, the garden that was a peaceful and relaxing haven becomes a place for ballgames, cycling, den making and mud pits, and the garden can become an area more for the children than for the adults

However, this doesn’t need to be the case. At Landscape zoolutions we can design and landscape gardens which are both child friendly and also adult friendly. We can build climbing walls, playhouses, plan for play equipment, lay turf, install sunken trampolines whilst also incorporating private patio areas, including seating, barbecue areas, summer houses etc for adults.

If you are considering redesigning your garden in this way, please do contact us for a free no obligation discussion.

There are many fun summer activities to do in the garden such as:

  • Build a den, hideout or fort with child safe clippings from the garden?
  • Make a bean tepee with just canes and bean plants and allow the beans to grow up the canes?  The children will have hours of endless fun in the tepee.
  • Have you a spare outside wall, why not attach a chalkboard to it for children so they can chalk to their hearts’  content?
  • Build a covered area, maybe with Tarpaulin, include a sandpit, water pit or play table where the children will play on rainy days and safe from the sun on sunny days.